Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pregnancy Update

I have  5 weeks until I deliver.

Symptoms of late pregnancy:
-fire breathing heartburn
-not sleeping
-cramps that kill
-bladder the size of  a raisin
-horrible back aches
-extreme tiredness
-moodiness that worsens in the evenings
- anxious nesting that requires a long to-do list

I officially gained 8 lbs.
I really like  hanging out in comfy dresses.
MiKayla loves kissing my belly.
Daniel feels so big I'm not sure how he can
get any bigger.

The birth plans go like this:
-Gramma and Aunt Wendy flying in the day before c-section
-Celebrate Kylie turning 5 with a ninja turtle party
-go to hospital at 5:30 am and have him at 7:30 am
-stay in hospital for 3 nights
-bring baby home. YAY :)

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