Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Been A Week....

This week has been HARD!

A few days ago we were awoken by a super loud crash noise.
I thought it was something on the roof.
A 19 year old girl fell asleep at the wheel hit a telephone pole,
our car, and then shot across the street into the 
neighbors yard.

She has the lowest of the low car insurance.
$5000.00 to  be divided among all
the damage she has caused to all parties.
hmmmm, I'm pretty sure the pole alone
cost more than that all by its self.

B/c we are on a strict budget, we have been 
working on paying off our car before getting
a new one. Therefore we can stay with one 
car payment.
We will be done paying it off around August.
Thank you Lord that we have great car insurance 
and they are covering everything and even waiving our deductible.
God is in control of the final out come.
The last two months Derek has been experiencing 
some health issues.
After being on medication and antibiotics
with no prevail he had to have an abdominal
ct scan and an ultrasound.
This week we got the results. He has an ulcer
in his small intestines that may require a surgery.
They are also keeping him on he antibiotics
to see if the other issue will go away.
He will have retesting at the end of May.
Now the last few evenings I have been a little crampy.
This morning I woke up at 5 am with pretty bad cramps.
After tossing and turning for an hour I got in the tub
to try and relieve some of my pain.
I was in there for about an hour.
Finally I woke Derek up crying in pain and exhaustion.
He rubbed my lower back until I fell asleep.
Two hours later I woke up in even worse pain.
I came downstairs bawling and Derek tried his
best to help me. 
I have never "gone" into labor.My water has 
never broken. I dunno what it feels like.
I just cried on my hands and knees till around 11:00.
Finally I called my doctor who told me to go to the
hospital asap which of course sent me into
a panic. I don't even have my hospital
bag packed!

Turns out I was so extremely dehydrated that my 
body was trying to get fluid from my uterus which 
made me have some contractions and heavy cramping/back aches.
After lots of I.V. bags most of my discomfort went away.
They monitored me for hours and thought my contracting
was mild enough to go home.

The baby is fine. Me and Derek are physically and mentally exhausted.
But in the end our bun is still cooking in my oven and that's
the best news.

So peeps can you send lots of prayer our way. 
We would appreciate it!

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