Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Fun

We had snow last weekend and a visitor.
Papa Jeff (my mom's husband)
He's working in the north for a bit so hopefully we will get a 
few visits from him:)

We got our bible groove on.
We watched some football.
Did some good cooking.
Played in the snow!

Kylie trying to feed snow to Papa.
Kaveri and Kylie eating snow.
We had a snowball fight. 

Daddy made and hoarded some snowballs.
MiKayla just wanted to eat the snowballs.

Happy Times!

Jeff is a transporter and sleeps many nights in his truck.
During the week his truck is his home.
I'm so thankful for our home.
It's our shelter.
I know that God has given us our house.
Sometimes I think we need more space.
But I try to remember that there are people who have much less than us.
Families as big or even bigger than ours and they have less space.
I do love our house with our red front door:)

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