Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conversations that make me laugh

While I was editing some pictures on the computer-
Derek:"whose that?"
Me: "What other bearded man do I love?"
Derek: "Jesus"

Kylie came up stairs where I was cleaning up-
Me: "Kylie where did you get that sucker, it's almost dinner time"
Kylie: " Serene gave it to me"
(serene=10 yr old lab)
Me: "Oh really, she did"
Kylie: "yeah mom, she jumped up on the counter and then gave it to me"

Kaveri: " dad, I need toilet paper"
Dad: "why didn't you ask me when i was standing right there"
Kaveri: "I did, you didn't hear me......Ask Jesus"

Me: "MiKayle are you poo-pooing"
MiKayla: " uh-huh"
as she runs away

Kylie: "mom can I have a snack?"
Me:"sure what would you like"
Kylie: " some pepper mints"
Me:"um that's not a snack, but you can have one"
i go to the counter to get one
Kylie: "no mom"
going to the fig
Kylie: " these pepper mints"
yes- Kylie loves to eat raw peppers:)

Kirstin: "you know Jack Sparrow is breakin' up after 13 years and two kids"
Me: "where did you hear that"
Kirstin: "I read it on the front of your magazine in the bathroom"
Me-laughing: "your not supposed to read that"
Kirstin: "mom, Jack Sparrow looks weird without his hair in braids"
(she is referring to Johnny Depp of course)

I am thankful for those times you laugh at things that aren't really supposed to  be funny:)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE when all four of my girls are together and
I hear them all laughing!
One of my favorites.

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