Monday, January 30, 2012

Kirstin's Prayer for the week

On Saturdays we close out the week we
some bible reading and communion with the kids.
Then we do a prayer request of sorts.
A "what do you wanna pray for the week to come"

Kirstin said:
"I need help with my attitude. And I wanna pray that there will be no more murdering,
robbing, and Canadians."
Us laughing: "why no more Canadians?"
Kirstin: "Because they eat people!!!"
Daddy: "you mean cannibals?"


So if you are Canadian or love a Canadian, don't worry
we have nothing against you.
But unfortunately you apparently sorta song similar to cannibal.....
After all, someday we wanna see this.
Niagara Falls at night.

But, if you are anything like this....
I'm sorry but we can't be friends.

I am proud of my daughter for not only thinking of herself during prayers.
She has a good heart.

I'm thankful for her genuine sweetness.


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