Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Brave Girls

It all started with a trip to the mall.
We went out to the "big shopping" area so I could purchase my dress for my sister's wedding.
While at the mall we passed a jewelry place.
Kaveri looked at the earrings and asked when she could wear some.
This question comes up often.
Every time Kirstin gets new earrings or puts different ones on.
I have gotten Kaveri and Kylie a few pairs of clip on earrings.
They do wear them and love them, but lately they have been asking for "real" ones.
Ok, so back to the mall.
Daddy says, well you want to get them pierced.
Kirtsin was cheering them on.
"you can do it"
"it only hurts for second"
"you can be like me"
We walked the mall while they thought about it.
Kylie was all for it from the beginning,
Kaveri said she wanted to wait a while.
Then we passed another jewelry place and.....she was ready.
"are you sure, are you sure, are you sure"
I was terrified!

Kaveri chose some pink flowers.
She cried for about 90 seconds after the first one.
Then she calmed down and got the second one.
She cried for about another minute. So quietly, into my shoulder.
Then she looked in the mirror. She loved them!

Then it was Kylie's turn.
I thought she'd change her mind after seeing Kaveri.
But instead, she was saying:
"this is taking to long.when can I go. hurry up."

As I filled out her paper work it asked her age. I wrote 3 and I just couldn't believe
my 3 year old wanted to get her ears pierced!
She picked put some purple flowers.
She got her first ear tears.
Looked in the mirror and was ready for the second one.
Second one tears. Quick look in the mirror and she was
ready to go to the playground.
I asked her if it hurt."Nope!"

They were both looking at eachothers and giggling with proud excitement.
We went to the playground where the told and showed everyone who would listen.
I still sat there in shock.
Three out of four of my girls has their ears pierced.
How did that happen?

We have to clean them twice a day. Before bed and when they wake up.
Lastnight they reminded me.
This morning it was the first thing they said.
Daddy knew they could do it!!

I'm one proud mamma!!!
Kirstin waited to get her ears pierced till she was 5. She is
very impressed with her sisters'. 

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  1. Misti the pictures look better than usual. It is like unwrapping a big gift every time I scroll down each picture different from the next!! Do you "DO PARTIES"?
    Love yall, Momma


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