Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Mom

Yesterday, January 21st, was my mom's birthday.
She is a very special lady to me.
So i made this list for her.

10 Reasons why I can't live without my Mom:
1.- She loves the Lord

2.-Literally every single picture I have ever taken of her, the first thing out of her mouth when she sees the picture is
"why didn't you tell me my hair looks like that"
And my response is always "because it looks fine"

3.-She is a Health Nut
Her house contains tons of vitamins,minerals,creams,oils,homemade toothpaste & deodorant,
and lots of strange food.
If you feel ill, she has a pill!

4.-She can't make up her mind to save a life.
-if my mom had to pick out an outfit to purchase in 30 minutes or less to save your life......
I'm sorry but you would die ;-)

5.-She is hilarious on accident.
example #1: If you complain of a headache, it's prolly a brain tumor.
example #2: She made some homemade "healthy" cornbread.
After pulling it out of the oven and tasting it she says"mmmmmmmmm"
(like it taste good)
but then says "this taste horrible"

6.-If there is birthday cake or brownies in the house and she goes missing,
she has quietly snuck off to eat it!
That being said I hope she had some yummy cake for her birthday.

7.-I can't get off the phone with her with out telling her I love her b/c that's how I really feel.

8.- She is working so hard for my brother.

9. -My girls really fell in love with her while she lived by us.
She is a good Nana.

10. -She laughs at everything I say and that makes me feel special.
I like to make her smile:)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of us when i was little.
 Oh fiery red Farrah Fawcett hair:)

I had one more picture but.....
after scanning two pictures my printer decided to not scan anymore:(

I love you mom.
I am thankful for you!
You are a special woman.
Happy Birthday.

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  1. Oh Misti Thank you so much for my BD tribute! William and I laughed out loud at your funny yet truthful list. You make me feel so special;-)
    And let me just say that I saw that bottle stuck in your mouth and that is only thing I would change. I can not remember how long I breastfed you but even though you look TINY, you were at least four months. I thought I fed you longer. Is there a date on that fist photo? How old were you?
    God has protected you where i could not. Thankyou Father. I was thinking how God protected me when He gave me Donna Swartz because she taught me the art of Homemaking and I am grateful to have known her.


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