Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We Went SLEDDING!!!!

Friday night it started to snow before bed.
By the morning we had six + inches.
Our friends called and asked if we wanted to go sledding out on their land.
I have never been sledding in my entire life so I was just as 
excited as the girls.
We put on enough layers to stay warm for the 14 degree weather
and we had just enough layers on to barely be able to walk :)

Kirstin was spinning down the hill

Cheers-Screams-and Laughter all around
Some awesome action shots

Kirstin, Emma,Kaveri, and Kylie on one wooden sled, they were flyin'
That's Tuck snowboard/sled/surfing

Derek and Tuck built a jump. The only ones that really flew were 
Kirstin and Emma. Dang, no pictures.
Me and MiKayla went a few times
My pig tails look like a beard. LOL

The snow is beautiful.
Their land looked like the south pole.
No one had walked in it yet so it was like a crisp white blanket.
We even saw some deer.
I just kept thinking "I wish my sister and brother were here"

We stayed out there playing in the snow for three hours.
By the time sunday came my poor Derek was in so much pain.
He was laid up on the couch the entire day with a 
heating pad on his ankle,knee, and back.
He is such a good daddy indulging his girls in some snow play.

I am thankful for him.

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  1. This brought happy and sad tears to my eyes when I ready this. It looked like such a blast I wish I could have been there with yall. I miss yall SOOO much it hurts. I am so thankful for the closeness of our family. I love you all and Im counting down the days till I get to see your wonderful faces :)


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