Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Style

I thought since it was a new year
I should give my blog a face lift of sorts.
Unfortunately, it took me a few weeks to get to it 
but, I love it.

there is alot of info out there on designing blogs.
I decided to go with a shabby-chic style.

It feels like my crafty style has swayed that way
over the last few months so it only seemed natural.

I even made some of my own buttons on the right side:)

Yes, I'm bragging! 
This sucker took me lots of late nights looking for the 
tutorials to speak
computer code language.
So toot-toot on my horn!

I'm proud of myself.
What do you think???

Tonight I'm thankful for my creative side.
I love when an idea gets in my head like a literal lightbulb. And when I complete a project it feels like fire works are going off. That first week when I look at something that I /we have finished and I just smile:)
I am blessed! 

1 comment:

  1. Well I will tell you what I think. Your new design is mighty fine;-)
    Your Blog Rocks!
    You are such a Gifted child, I mean woman. I praise God our Father for you and your sweet beautiful family! Thank you Misti for sharing your God given talent to inspire others to embrace their originality. Your blog communicates as a fire of genius! Your blog dazzles the eyes and creates something out of nothing! Your blog is a fasinating reflection of all that is in you. We all knew "She's Got It" about you!


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