Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or treat- We were sweet!

It was cold this year. Just a little.
Before we got to the costumes we had to bundle.
And I mean serious bundling.
First was the thick tights. Two pairs each for each little girl.
I wore one pair of leggings and on top of those I wore Derek's Army issue long johns.
They came up to my boobs!
Next Came two long sleeve shirt for each girl, including myself.
Then socks on top of tights. Then boots.

Now for the costumes.
Last year I shopped halloween clearance.
This is what I chose.

That's right. Sweet little angles.

We had a blast. We got sooooo many compliments.
Everyone we passed and every house we went to thought the family was so cute.
We went on Saturday and on Monday night.
We did not bump into any other angels.

We couldn't find Derek a costume :(

My favorite compliment of the night:
"your family is so beautiful, you guys are truly blessed" -random sweet lady

Kirstin was such a big girl walking the little ones up to the houses.
Kaveri and me were walking together when a lady lit up a cigarette.
"mom hurry that lady is smoking and it stinks!"
Kylie passing some scary dressed boys
" those guys are discussing!" (disgusting)
And if you know my girls they talk very loud which makes it even funnier.

Candy score coming next.......

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