Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lamp Re-do

So we have this pair of lamps.
They are about five years old.
They are those kind of lamps you can buy anywhere and then move them
around your house. Dining room, living room,
bed side tables ect.
I have them in the living room.
Sorry no before pics.

The shades were plain cream.And dirty.
The bases were like  this siver/goldish color with a marble type ball at the bottom.

The after: I spray painted the bases with a black that had a primer in it.

Then I got some burlap lamp shades.
If you google them they start out at around $50 and go into the hundreds.
Mine were nine bucks each.
Then I added some fabric rosettes.
I have been making alot of fabric flowers.
(more to come on that)

 five flowers on each one.

Love them! Every time I turn them on I smile
with pride.

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