Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Score

We got so much candy that looking at it made me want to throw up.
People around here are not satisfied giving only one piece.
They have to give 2 or 3 or even little pre-made bags stuffed full for each kid.
Multiply that by three = way to much!

This was after Saturday night.
This amount was doubled on Monday.

We got apples, popcorn, drinks, mini pumpkins, and of course candy.

This is a picture of the full size candy.
Nuts right?

I separated it from fruity candy and chocolate.
It was so much. If you open my cabinet you would think
we are candy hoarders and you also run the risk of a
candy avalanche.

This fit on the floor, demonstrated by MiKayla, is how you know
the sugar is crashing and its time for bed.

On another note, me and the girls hit up the clearance halloween
section for next year.
It's crazy how much money you can save.
Our whole family will be dressing up.

Bet you can't guess what we'll be......
But if you do I will literally send you some of our halloween candy!

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