Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crate Project Number 2

One night while surfing around on the internet, I saw this 'mud room
I wish I had an official mud room.
The main reason is because we have a large family and shoes end up right in the doorway.
I can't stand that.
Then people trip on them. Plus its the first thing that greets you in the house and the first thing that you see when you walk down the steps in the morning.

Anyways, so one feature in this mud room had that I really loved was
that they had some crates to store shoes in.
one side of her mud room.

I'm on a crate kick.
So I made my own version.

 This time I helped stain them.
A real freakin' pain in my butt.
I chose to stain them b/c I don't want a bunch of colors on my porch.
Maybe in a kids bedroom....
I also chose not to put any long ways b/c honestly it's a waste of space.

I wanted to give them a little personality so Derek
drilled two holes on each side and I tied rope knots to them.

We hung them with space in between each one so we could put flip-flops on the tops.
We sprayed lacquer on them after the staining.
I also plan on getting some cheap rubber mats and cutting them to size.
Extra protection and I can just shake them out.
After all, my kids collect dirt!

I have one more crate left......
any thoughts?

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