Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decoration Frustration

Everybody knows me and my sister love christmas and all the pretty decorations.
We always end up putting our stuff up in Nov. and usually don't take it down till Jan.
But every time I decide to get all my stuff out, I dread it.
I have so much b/c I feel like you either got to do it BIG, or don't bother.

So around here we clean up the house first.
Then drag all the decorations out.
Put them up one section at a time.
I"m a control freak, so this takes a long time.
This year I whined "Let's just put it all back up in the attic."
to which Derek replied "why do you always give yourself so much decoration frustration,
you don't have to finish it all in one day."

So I didn't finsh it all in one day.....I gave myself two.
After everything is in its place, we clean up again.

This year, for the first time, we got a real tree!
It smells amazing. 9.5 ft.
The dogs were rolling around on all the needles that had fallen on the floor.
Natas was smelling it and looking at Derek wondering if he was aloud to pee on it.
We put the jumbo lights on it.  Gorgeous!
I do want to find a pretty tree skirt. And I'm gonna get more decoartions on
 clearance at the end of the season.


 6 ft. gold and red tree on stair landing.

Kirstin's 4 ft. white,silver, and teal tree.

Kaveri and Kylie's 4 ft. pink,silver,teal, and red tree.

Living room xmas pictures and village.

Front door wreath. Really simple but with our
harsh winter weather I can't risk much more.

Made this wreath last year with my mom for the door inside
our porch.

So thats pretty much it. I did add a tree on the table on my porch.
And as if that wasn't enough, I have a few crafties in mind.

Here is a pic of a nook in my room. I'm way ahead of the game!

Merry Christmas!
Whose up for coming in Jan. to help put it all away?


  1. Wow Is all I can say! It's BEAUTIFUL! :) I loooove Christmas time, I wish I had a tree for everyone room! But for now I'll settle for one in the office and we are going to get our first real tree this weekend, I'm so excited! I hope it looks as pretty as yours. I wish I had the craftiness you have but thank God I have u to call and get opinions on what to do ;) I love u so much my crafty, creative, beautiful sister! I love reading your blogs :)

  2. Misti I love it. Beautiful. It took me two days and I didn't do half the stuff you did.


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