Monday, November 14, 2011

My Birthday Part 2

My birthday was very fun.
First, me and Kaveri and Kylie made strawberry/ blueberry muffins.

They were yummy.

Then I took them to see Puss and Boots.
It wasn't it as bad as it looked.

Remember the blog I wrote about things I miss from the south?
Well, Derek read it and took me here:
A 45 minute drive to this little baby.
A small bbq place. The smoker outside was almost as big as the building.
There is no place to eat there so we brought it home.

ribs, brisket, coleslaw, macaroni, baked beans, and cheese grits!
All made from scratch.
I have eaten alot of bbq. From Texas and other places
while driving TX to PA.
I even eaten some in Atlanta.
But this was the BEST!
So moist and tender.
The sauce was so good, with a little kick.

Now on to the dessert. Derek wanted something special for me.
He found this little place that was voted Pittsburgh's # 1 dessert.

Banana cream.
Deep dish pecan.
Chocolate ganache coffee coke.
Coconut cream with macaroon crust.
Deep dish sourcream apple pie with candied walnuts.
Triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate chips.
All homemade.

My favorite was the sourcream apple with walnuts.
It was freakin' amazing.Words can't describe.

Then Derek topped it off with a head to toe massage:)

Now my out of state family also spoiled me.

So thank you to everyone for their
Emails, Cards, Gift cards, and Gifts!
I ordered some awesome stuff from
They have a much better selection online than in the stores.
Plus with promo codes you get even more!

So thanks, thanks, thanks!
I had a great birthday!

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