Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cute Craft :)

It all started when my gramma was visiting in August.
We went to eat at this sandwich shop that we really like.
Smallman's Deli.
We were sitting on the patio when I noticed their salt & pepper shakers.
They were recycled soda pop bottles.
I loved them. I even tried to convince Derek to take them.....
You know he refused.

Oh well,
I searched  around for some soda bottles that I liked.
I settled on some clear cream soda bottles.
I chose them b/c they were clear and didn't have sticker labels around them.
We drank them and the I washed them in the dishwasher.
Let them dry. Derek put holes in the twist caps.
Then I simply added the salt and pepper.
I did add some white rice to the salt.

Then I was left with the six pack holder they came in.
I googled covering one. This lady had a 'pattern' to help you cut paper according to size.
Well, I followed her pattern but the paper would not cover the whole thing.
I was getting frustrated. I even had Derek look at her pattern and then look at what I had cut.
He said I did follow her pattern but her pattern was just wrong : /
So we made our own.
I love it!

I added a little extra support to the bottom before covering it.
After I covered it with paper (that I heart)
I modge podged pretty much the whole thing.
It's like a seal.

Add embellishments.
I cut one of the inserts on the inside so I could fit napkins in there.

So cute. I'm really happy with the finished product.

I saved my patteren in case I ever make any more.
You could us this for a bbq. Easy way to tote stuff outside.
You can fit those mustard and ketchup squeeze bottle in there too.
Or forks and straws.
You could decorate it for a holiday - 4th of July- Bday party....
Also I saw a cute idea where a family made it for their dad on father's day.
They filled all 6 soda bottles- choc covered coffee beans- mm's- ect.
Endless possibilities.

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