Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Refrigerator Clean Up

My frig was starting to look like a cluttered cold mess.
So I wanted to go through everything on it plus give it a good wipe down.
As I was looking at everything, getting ready for the task, I noticed my magnets were
seriously beat down.

I already wanted to change a jumbo paper clip into a magnet that my
Aunt Sarah sent me for my bday.
So I decided to make over all my magnets.
More like get rid of all of them and make new ones.


Two jumbo paper clips later, a couple of flowers and lil' birds,
some strawberries and
a cute string of twine......
We got ourselves a "new" frig:)
I also added a few magnets to the back of a page protector so we
now have a pocket for the monthly school lunch menu.

Now I just need to put some more recent pics up;)

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