Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Southern Northern Girl

I was born and raised in the south. I am a southern girl.
I married a northern boy and we now live in the north.
So you see I am a southern northern girl.

5 of my favorite southern things:

1. My family.........duh!!!!
2. BBQ, oh yummy homemade sauce with slow cooked meats and sides of beans,cheese grits, and
potato salad ( we have literally NO bbq....none.....zilch)
3. Mexican food. I have lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years now, I have seen maybe ten mexicans.
Therefore no good mexican food. I'm basically working with tacobell people.
4. Cowboys. No not football!You know the boots,the tight jeans,and the big rimmed hat.
They are not my type of fella but there is a certain charm about them.
I would also like to point out that the cowboys are the original 'skinny jean' wearers.
We have farms and cowboys here but they are not the same.
5. H-E-B. So big and reasonably priced, all your needs in one grocery store.
We have Walmart and Giant Eagle. Well, Walmart is walmart : /
And Giant Eagle is wayyyyyyy overpriced!

5 of my favorite northern things:

1. My husband!
2. Its pretty! Green and colorful with flowers. Or its red,yellow,and orange. Or its white.
We have four seasons. The weather is amazing.
No dead dry patches in sight and no watering.
3. A white Christmas. Its amazing. One year we had over four feet of snow and I have seen
nothing like it in my life. It just doesn't feel right if you can wear short sleeves on xmas day.
4. The city. Big and Bright and Bustling.
5. The houses. They are each different and have their own charm.

I will say that my family still all says ya'll. And everyone here says yins?? I don't even know what that means. And every time I go to a store the clerks still say 'your not from around here are you'.
I am grateful that my relationship with Derek is strong, that we can live anywhere and 
we can be happy. You have to be pretty secure to be able to move 2400 miles away from where you were born and raised. And I feel secure!

On holidays and birthdays it is still hard. We miss our family. I want my children to know there cousins.
I miss squishing everyone around the table to eat.
I miss it being loud and crazy.
(well my house is pretty loud and crazy)

But, I / We are happy :)

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