Sunday, October 16, 2011


Bedtime at our house is......interesting.

At about 9:30 i send the girls up to bed.
They watch a little t.v. i set a sleep timer and their t.v.'s automatically turn off.
Kirstin and Kaveri are always asleep by this time.
Kylie.....Kylie is never asleep by this time.
She wonders downstairs to see what we are doing.
She gets a snack, a drink, plays a little with MiKayla.

Then eventually we head upstairs and she gets back in her bed. And falls fast asleep.

This is what they all look like.

Yes, that is one of the many positions she gets herself into.
She starts out every night with her head on her pillow.
In the morning its always a mystery where her head will be.

Every night they also fall asleep with their heads on their pillows.
Kaveri is like her daddy. Once she falls asleep she moves very little.
Kylie however takes after her oldest sister.
She never stays on her pillow.
Can you see her head and feet?

Derek hardly moves an inch.

MiKayla usually falls asleep in daddy's arms.
Afterwards i move her to the other side so i can snuggle him.

I can not fall asleep without playing footsie with Derek.
I will not touch anyone elses feet....gross,
but I need his to fall asleep.

Oh and......
Natas sleeps on Derek's side on the floor.
The  two gal dogs sleep together down stairs.

After seeing these pics Derek was wondering how everyone managed to stay asleep with the big flash going off .
Once they are asleep, for the most part they stay that way:)

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