Thursday, October 13, 2011

School Pooper

Kirstin came home from school yesterday and told us this.

Mrs. Shumaker had a class meeting.
She told them that apparently someone has been pooping their pants at school.
(thats not the worst part)
Then that said poo is making its way out of those pants and onto the floor!
Thats right......Poo on floor.
This has happened several times since the beginning of school.
She then told them that when one of her sons was young and in school
he too pooped his pants.
Then she spanked him after school for pooing his pants.
Until she took her son to the doctor to only find out its a medical condition.

Do I believe this story? Nope.
Do I believe she had a purpose to telling this story? Yep.

This student has two options:
A- stop pooing your pants and use the toilet      or
B-come talk to her about this problem b/c after all she will understand
 since her son had the same problem

Then she warned that she thinks she knows who is doing this pooing
and that if it happens again she will be having a one on one with them.

This morning while getting dressed Kirstin said
"Ok, time to smell the poop again"
I asked her what she meant.
"I have been smelling poop mom I just don't know where it comes from"
she also informed me
"don't worry mom, I wear skinny jeans so poop couldn't fall out of my panties
into my pant leg, it wouldn't fit!"
Oh ok Kirstin- I'm glad its not you!!!

Here is three things I would rather do than pick up some random kids POOP off the floor:
1- use the pooper-scooper to pick up piles of dog poop in the backyard that are the size of my head
2-wipe snot off one of my kids nose using only my fingers and then wiping that snot off my fingers onto the bottom of my pants
 (hey if you kid has snot running down their face and there is no tissue,you do what you gotta do!)
3-run to the bathroom and wipe my kids booty when they yell 'I'm done'

Now these things do make me gag from time to time but still
random kid poop on school floor! Come on!

I told Kirstin we are gonna have to start checkin' her
shoes before she gets in the car after school.GROSS! 

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