Thursday, October 6, 2011

Handy Man

Ladies let me tell you something.......
If you are still on the market for a hubby I'm sure you have your personal checklist.
What is probably missing is him being a 'fix it' kind of guy.
I grew up with these men.
My father.My grandpa.My uncles.
All handy.
Give them a project, some tools, and it will get done. 

Well I am so fortunate to have married a very handy man.
Of course with his military background he is more than handy.
He can survive in harsh conditions!

Every time I have an idea, I just explain it to him and he says 'ok.'
He has done oh so many projects for me.
I am lucky.
He is patient. I am neurotic.
When we first bought the house it was paint,floors,light fixtures and fans, bathroom sinks and toilets, stripping and staining antiques.
 The list goes on.
Now its all my 'do it yourself' things to build and hang.
He impresses me every time.
 Honestly I know he loves to see my face light up when my idea comes to life.

So make sure that if you ask your man to hang something, he can. And that he has the tools.
Thats a good sign he is at least somewhat handy.

Who doesn't love a manly man?

p.s. Derek and I have been doing lots of stuff around the house.
I will share soon.

Here is a hint to one of the projects we are working on.

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