Monday, October 3, 2011

Head Talking.....

Have you ever seen that Seinfeld episode were Elaine is on the subway and she is having a conversation in her head? The subway train malfunctions and stops. By the end of the episode she is literally screaming, inside her head. And her facial expressions match the conversation she is having....with herself.
It's one of my favorite episodes.

In bed I seem to have a very difficult time turning my brain off.
So I was laying in bed lastnight 'head talking'. It made me think of that episode.
Then I began thinking of how i talk in my head alot.
I bet I head talk as much if not more than I talk aloud.

So here are some conversations I have had in my head in the last week.

Me: remember to get a toilet brush next time your at the store
Myself: well if you didn't clean the toilet like the hulk it wouldn't have snapped in half
Me: if it weren't a cheapo to began with it wouldn't have snapped 
Myself: just get one b/c the ring in the toilet is really grossing me out!
(I did get one soon after that)

Sometimes when i am doing something stressful i say naughty things in my head.
Like when i was vacuuming and MiKayla was screaming and Derek wasn't home.
I dropped a few F-bombs in my head.
Then i felt guilty so i 'head-prayed' for patience.....and forgiveness!

Alot of times I head talk in public places.
Like'why do you have to walk super slow in the middle of the grocery store isle so no one can pass you-idiot'
or 'did you walk by a mirror before heading out the door'
or'can I spank your kid'
or 'can you not talk to your kid like that'
or'i don't want to hear your vulgar mouth'-teenagers or retarded adults
and ' your kids don't want cancer, put that cigarette out'-i may say that in my head but i also give a nasty look! 

The worst thing is when you get a song stuck in your head.
A bad song. Justuin Bieber, you catchy annoying little boy!

So the next time you are head-talking, imagine saying it out loud.
Some stuff would make you sound like a looney.
Muahhh-cough cough
Muahhhhhhh-hahhhhahhhhhh :-)

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  1. LAUGH OUT LOUD! Misti can I please b ur agent? I will look up comedy clubs right now! I haven't had time to read ur last three posts but BOy did u brighten up my DAY!!!
    Thank u for sharing! WOW r u funny!
    Love and miss u all


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