Saturday, July 20, 2013

Super Easy Crock-Pot Pulled BBQ Brisket

I love bbq.
I may live in the north, but I'm southern on the inside.

I have always seen those t.v. food shows
that have delicious looking bbq
that takes hours.

I'm a mom to 5 so the only
hours I'm spending cooking are 
in the crock pot.

In a bowl mix: 
-a whole thing of your
preferred bbq sauce
-2 tbls brown sugar
-1 tbls Worcestershire sauce
-2 tsp mustard powder
-2 tsp garlic powder
-2 tsp pepper
-1 tsp season-all-salt

Put in bag over night in frig to marinate
b/c you need a 5-6 lb brisket it won't fit in a single
gallon bag so I duct taped two together.

Next pour brisket and all sauce in crock pot
 on high for around 7 hours.

Then I took brisket out and put it on a cutting board.
I easily scraped the fat off and shredded the brisket.
Put it back in the crock pot to soak up juice.

Slap it on a bun.

We all loved it. It was very tender and flavorful.

If you like a little kick,
dice up some fresh jalapenos and toss them 
in with the marinate. 

I'm making another one this week so I bought 
2 gallon ziploc bags so hopefully
it can fit in just one bag ;)

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