Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hand Prints on Canvas- Easy Project

White Canvas from Micheals with %40 coupon
makes it $6.

Paint it black with craft paint.
Each girl picked out their own color.
I used a brush to paint the color on then they pressed
their hand down while i went over their fingers to make sure
the paint got a good stick.
MiKayla had a little trouble.
Then me and Derek used our thumbs to make a heart.
Daniel's hand was a little tricky.
I waited until he was asleep then Derek held the
canvas. I painted his hand and pressed it down.
It took two tries.
The first one wasn't a good one so I waited
for the paint to dry and painted over it with black.
The second print wasn't perfect but
it does the job.

I used a stencil for 2013.

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