Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Miniature Birdbath Garden

We have been working alot on our front yard.
One of the fun things I did was 
make a miniature garden.

I got a concrete birdbath from Lowes for $20.
Derek used a concrete drill bit to drill 5 drain holes.
Then add a layer of rocks followed by 
a layer of soil.
Then add your goodies.
sweet little fence.
Tiny mushrooms.
Hanging birdhouse that has a little
bird bead glued to it. 

 Me and the girls love it.
They want me to find some other little animals
to accompany the deer.
Maybe a bunny and a raccoon.....

All the plants came from Micheals.
They were in a group in a basket
so they have like needle things in the bottom
to hold them in place. $8.99
(you could use real, each plant runs between$2-$5. but with our winter....nope)

Gazebo,mini fence,mini birdhouse, and mini mushrooms
from ebay for $25 including shipping.
I looked everywhere and I mean everywhere.
Ebay was the best prices.
They have tons of everything in miniature
that your little heart desires.

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