Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ok Little Boy.....

So when Daniel was a sweet one week old
I woke up in the middle of the night to feed him.
Then we headed to the usual changing.
Except this time he sneezed, which made him
projectile spit up on my leg and shoot baby
poo out on my arm at the same time.
So I'm scrambling to clean myself off
and grab another clean diaper.
Put the diaper under him only for him to pee
all over himself, me, and my bed.
So another clean diaper came out
and now I'm laughing an exhausted
crazy lady laugh taking his and my clothes off.

So back to nursing him to sleep.
We had a talk about how I love him.
I carried him for all those months and how
I love him to pieces and he may not
pee,poo, or projectile puke on me on all in one night again.

Now fast forward three months and I really thought
he understood our talk.
No peeing or pooing on me.
Maybe an occasional full tummy spit up.

I even got a little cocky about it. Telling Derek this week
that Daniel loves me to much to pee or poo on me.
And then it happened. 
Last night in bed.
He threw our talk right out the window and peed all over me!
Then he proceeded to laugh.
I grabbed the 2nd clean diaper to put on him.
But first I had to re-clean him off.
Only to have the boy pee all over me a second time!
and laugh again, right in my face.
So on to the 3rd diaper. 
Then we both just slept naked b/c I was to 
tired to go get us more clothes.

I will let it slide b/c he didn't poo at the same time
and b/c he's so cute and b/c his 
laugh makes me melt, even if
I was covered in pee.....

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