Friday, February 24, 2012

Something Funny...... I Mean Gross!

Ok, here is the set up:
We, as a family, are walking around Hobby Lobby, searching for craft supplies;-)
Kylie has decided to she wants to ride in the front of the cart.
Daddy is pushing the cart at this point.
Somehow he starts to play a joke that only a daddy would think is funny
and a mommy gag laughs.

He is using one finger to pretend pick her nose,
and then sticking a different finger in his mouth as if he's eatin' her 
nasty little girl boogies.
Lots of loud girls laughing and ew-ing.

Now fast forward a few minutes of this game,
and Kylie wants to actually join in the boogie picking.
Only daddy wasn't watching.

(can you see what's comin' next?)

Kylie gets a REAL boogie on her finger 
puts it in daddys mouth.
Oh my word, nasty!
He quickly spits it out and is laughing.

How can this man be laughing?
I would for sure be gagging.

This is one memory for the books!

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