Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day of Love

Today is Valentine's.
I know you know.
Do you have a sweet valentine.
This morning Derek gave us all hugs and kisses saying
he must be the luckiest man to have 5 valentines!

A boy at school asked Kirstin to be his valentine.
She said "no thank you."
But then she came home from school and asked me what being someones valentine really means.
It means you extra special.

And guess what peeps?
I am extra special!
Why you may ask.
Did my husband over pay get me flowers? Nope.
Don't get me wrong, I love getting flowers, but the they are ridiculously priced today.
Anyways, did I get a box of fat chocolate?Nope.
What did I get you ask?
 A 1920's farmhouse mantel!
Can't see the potential?
Well you need to get to know my hubby.
He is pretty good with tools and paint.
The fact that it will be a true labor of love makes it an 
extra special valentines present.

This baby needs some love. My camera is makin' it look
 a little better than it looks up close in person.
It is white......a nice been sittin' in a shed forever pale yellowish white.LOL
Some nice chips,dents, and broken pieces.
He got me this lovely mantel for about the same price or maybe
even cheaper than roses and chocolate.
And it will last for ever.
And I super duper love it.

My husband knows me, he gets me.
Makes my heart go pitter-patter.

So Happy Valentines Day to my extra special man
and to all of you:)


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  1. Ok ok let me just say I just got finished reading this blog and i can't stop giggling at " No thank you"comment!!i can just see Kirstin looking down her nose through her glasses to that unsuspecting guy:-) that is hilarious. Ok mayb u don' t get me. I said HYSTERICAL!!!! Yum yeah ..... NO Thank You...
    Oh Misti your blog needs a larger audience. You need your blog to be syndicated! And how clever you are suggesting a play on words and then crossing em out! LOVED IT!!! And last but certainly no least your mantle is beautiful and I can see all that Derek will create!


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