Monday, February 6, 2012

Maybe A Nudist

Ok, so if you know me, you know that when I'm at home
I hang out in little clothing.
At any given moment if our door bell rings I usually
have to throw on some sort sweatshirt or something.
I cook like this, I clean like this.
I just prefer it.

Apparently Mikayla has taken notice.

She is 20 months old and she is refusing
clothing on a daily basis.
We fight her to get her diaper on.
Then I try my best to get her in anything.
First I try to get a onesie on b/c it
has those little buttons. Then I try to
put something over that.
Give the girl thirty minutes in some corner
and she comes back naked and laughing!!!!

Yes she is rockin shoes naked!

She climbs on the potty,
sits for a while, then wipes and flushes.
But last week i kept asking"are you done"
Then after about five minutes she finally said yes.
When I went to "pretend" wipe her,
I realized that she actually went poopoo in the potty all by herself!!

Also let me just point out that this week it's in the 40's.
I have tried everything.
Let her put panties on over her diaper.
Worked for a bit.
Let her wear dressup clothes over her long-johns.
Worked for a bit.
Let her pick her own clothes.
Worked for a bit.
Even used a piece of duck tape on her diaper straps.
But no matter what,
she disappears and comes back in the nude.
I end up chasing her all over the house.
When SHE thinks it is cold she heads for her sisters bed to cover up.
She also has been infatuated with my high heels.
She goes upstairs by herself and gets a pair and brings them down to play in.
And yes they have been filled with pee......
Good thing I never wear them.

She is my naked baby who brings our whole family lots of laughter!

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  1. somehow I over looked this one and William told me to come look at the "nudist" So cute! I miss yall and now I'm sad. yep just like that and my smile turns to a frown. I look forward to the day when we all live right by one another!!! God blessed you with all the love that surrounds you sweet girl.
    Love u, momma


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