Monday, February 20, 2012

Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

Do you use Pinterest?
I love

They have everything.
Literally everything your little hearts desire.

Have you seen these cool picture frames turned jewelry holder?
Picture frame jewelry holder
Picture Frame and Branch Jewelry Display #Holder #DIY
my new earring holder made from an old picture frame and some jewelry wire.
(Thanks pinterest for the pictures)

Well, I tried my hand at some frames.
And I really love them.
I used the small square wire for the necklace and earring frames.

Chicken wire for my hair-clip frame.

I got the frames 50% off and they were already backless and glassless.
 I cut the wire to fit the frames, leaving enough around the edges to be able to staple.
Then I took the wire outside and spray painted it cream.
Derek helped me staple it on.
I added the flowers.

Derek hung them in our closet.
I only wish we had painted the walls before building our closet.
They are so boring.
But these frames add flare and function ;-)

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