Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lime Green Cupcakes and Some Snow

So last night while makin' dinner,
me, Kaveri, and Kylie decided to make some cupcakes.
I let them pick the colors.
Lime green.
With pink and purple icing.
To sprinkle or not to sprinkle?
Ummmm, its Kaveri and Kylie.....of course we sprinkled!
I could barely keep their fingers outta that icing.
So then this morning we woke up to some snow.
notice MiKayla's super happy face.....
Some sweeties in snow gear

Then Derek made a fire for marshmallows.

MiKayla retreated to the porch, she was cold.

Then it was inside for some hot showers and nap time:)

Happy Weekend!

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