Friday, June 16, 2017

Kirstin's 15 and MiKayla's turns 7!

Kirstin was actually in NY on her birthday.
When she got back her friends made her some brownies
to celebrate her 15th.

We had a little party to celebrate them both.

Kirstin requested cheesecake and MiKayla wanted a
rainbow sprinkle butterfly.
 Thanks Aunt Roberta for the butterfly cake mold!

*Tired little birthday girl*

Kirstin is officially a sophomore and MiKayla
a first grader. (tears)
We are so proud of both of them.
They did amazingly well in school this year
and we expect nothing less for next year.
I love watching everyone grow into 
their own personalities.
Each year changing their likes 
and dislikes, adapting to their surroundings,
and still trying to figure out who THEY
are in our large family.
Born one week apart, 8 years apart.
These two girls are so special and I 
love that they have celebrated their birthdays
together every year. 
I hope that even when they are grown we
can keep that tradition.

Happy birthday girls!!!

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