Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New York City-Trip 2

Kirstin was invited to New York with Gramma and Luke.
Round two, here we go!

The weather was on the chilly side but Kirstin actually liked it
since they did alot of walking around.

They did a bus tour which everyone enjoyed.

They walked, and walked, and walked some more.
The teens had a hard time keeping up with gramma.

Kirstin's favorite part of the trip was the 
'School of Rock' musical.

Art museums, 9/11 memorial, riding the ferry, 
China town, and Central Park is just to name a 
few of their adventures.

My favorite pic:)

They had an amazing time filled with lots 
of sight seeing and good food.
Kirstin is definitely a city gal.
She loves people watching and walking around exploring.
Luke was happy to have out grown Kirstin 
and is full blown teenage boy.
 It was awesome that they got to spend some time together
at this age. I'm positive they will remember the trip forever!
Gramma is definitely the traveling adventure seeker of the family, and 
we are so glad Kirstin got to experience New York with them both.

***New York City Baby***

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