Friday, June 2, 2017

Look It's More School Programs!

Sadly, Gabriella had her fall on the night of Kaveri's school
concert and she didn't want to go without us there:(
She did perform some of her songs the next day at home
and was such a cutie.

Kylie's came next.
Look very carefully at this picture.
On the left is a little girl with curly hair in a white dress.
That's been Kylie's bestie all year long.
They were so cute looking at each other smiling the entire concert:)

She had a speaking part and she did great!
They rushed them back off to class so I didn't get to
take any more pics:(

Last but not least was the cute kindergartners.

MiKayla was sooooo adorable!!
We were all invited back to their classrooms for 
the 'Reading Restaurant.'
Our waitress read us poems and books then served
us cookies!

By this time Grandpa was in town for a visit
and he was so excited to come along.

She has made so many friends this year and turned into 
a little social butterfly. We absolutely love her teacher.
(she has had all the girls for kindergarten)
MiKayla was at the top of her class the entire year
with letters,writing,math, and reading!
Miss Smarty Pants:)))
We are so proud!

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