Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Boy

This boy was feeling under the weather two weeks ago.
His stomach was swollen and he was a little sluggish.

We took him in to the vet.
He suspected liver disease b/c of his stomach.
He had to spend the night and get some tests.
He has never spent the night away from home in the 
8 1/2 years of his life.

The vet called the next morning to tell us that he did not
have liver disease. He has a large tumor :(
It is growing right above his heart.
As it grows it pushes down on his heart causing 
heart failure which then causes liver failure
which is causing the bloated stomach.

There is no cure, just medicine to keep him comfortable.
There is no exact amount of time he has left.

Everyone was thrilled when he came home.

We did have a horrible night where we almost lost him.
But he fought through it and his meds kicked in.

He is back to running.


Yeah, he's pretty :)
 Playing indoor tag with his favorite ladies.

Giving kisses.

We are praying he stays around for a while,
we would all appreciate if you did the same :)

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