Monday, October 28, 2013

Candy Time-2013

This year our city decided to pass out
candy a week early trying to avoid bad weather.

This years theme was recycle-reuse.
Which equals saving money!
My little angles.

Kirstin decided she wanted to wear her daddy's
uniform from his first tour.
After her bestie found out she wanted to where one too.
So she wore his uniform from tour #2.

Some ladies at one house asked where they got their costumes from.
She proudly told them they belonged to her father
and they were the real deal :)

Daniel was a little duck.
When we first put his costume on he
acted like that puppy that you put some clothes on 
and they just fall over on the floor.
He just sat there with a floppy back :)

Kaveri and her bestie the lalaloopsy + a boy from school the storm trooper.
We had a large group of kids
Daniel fell asleep about 20 minutes in and 
didn't wake up till we were done.

It was a good time!
I am sad b/c I looked cute in some crazy socks
but I never make it in the pictures ;(

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