Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nana's Trip

So, at the last minute my mother booked a flight and
was here four days later.
We had lots of fun playing tennis and cooking.
We all saw Iceage 4.
We took a roadtrip to Ohio to this place:
A jam packed "house" turned store in the 1800's.
They have promises of great prices and lots of pickins'.
UM........THEY LIE!!
This was an example of a serious hoarder turned store owner.
The prices were literally outrageous.
1/4 of this store was pure trash.
1/4 of this store was $1.00 garage sale box marked at least 10 times what it was worth.
The other half of this store was pretty cool but unfortunately WAY over priced.
The store was four levels of packed to the brim stuff but I couldn't find one thing
that I was willing to buy b/c of her high prices.
Yes, I am putting them on blast, they should be ashamed!!!!
It was a sad waste of gas and time.
Then to make matters worse, my GPS broke right when we went to head home.
My mom downloaded a gps app.
But then shortly after fell asleep.
Thanks Madre ;-)

The girls had tons of fun with her.
She slept with Kirstin pretty much the whole time.
MiKayla loves her tons and when she left she said 
"Nana I don't want you to leave"
while crying :(

She also watched the girls twice.
We literally have not had a date night in a full year!
First we went to  a concert then later in the week we saw the
new Batman:)
-more on the concert later-

It was a fun visit.
We were all sad to see her go.
Love her......

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