Thursday, August 9, 2012

Matisyahu Summer Concert 2012

We got to go to another Matisyahu concert this summer.
Our first one was last summer.
This was him then 2011:
This is him now 2012:
Yep, that's the same guy :)
Lots of people seemed to be so upset about his shaved beard.
Like it's anyones business. LOL
Every one is allowed to grow and change.
We don't like him b/c of his outward appearance.
We like his voice and his message;)

Ok so on to the concert.....
We arrived late b/c we knew he had an opening band.
Last years band was a debbie downer so we showed up
late this year hoping to miss most of it.
Well, that was wrong of us b/c The Dirty Heads
are a great sounding band!
Anyways after we parked, I saw this guy walking slowly around "looking"
at the scenery. Which I found odd.
Me: "babe, do yo think people come to this area during concert time
to break into cars"
Derek:" that's Matisyahu!"

Now I haven't really seen to much of his new look but it was totally him!!!
First couple of songs in his "cool" gear. But got to hot so he got rid of it.
Took my small old camera and my pictures paid the price : /
Love my bearded guy.

We had lots of fun. He is a great performer and
 his voice is the real deal.

After the concert we let everyone clear out before making our way.
Our car just so happened to be parked 10 ft from the
huge band bus.
So we hung out for about 30 minutes and.......
We got to meet him:)
He is very soft spoken and sweet.
He autographed our concert tickets for my scrapbook and he
talked to Derek for a bit.

P.S. that WAS him we saw walking around in that same t-shirt and shorts!

My whole family loves his new c.d. Spark Seeker
and I love hearing my girls singing his songs.

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