Monday, August 13, 2012

Chicken Wire Lampshades

So during the same days we were working on the 
barn wood headboard I was also working on 
my old lampshades.

My gramma got them for us for xmas
like 5 years ago.
They were in perfect condition but.....
they said they were bored with how they looked!
I had the idea to add chicken wire to them for two reasons.
1: they were dark red and I don't really want that
 color in our bedroom anymore
2:We have really dim lighting up in our bedroom and
 I craft up there so I new losing the shades would brighten it 

Of course I looked on pinterest to see if there
were any tips on working with the chicken wire.
And there was:)

First cut off old lamp shade. remove glue using goo off if needed.
wrap chicken wire around it!
I added small white lace trim to the tops and bottoms.
Then I made white flowers with lace,tulle,and taffeta.
To attach them I added felt to the back of the flowers
 then cut another piece of
felt and hot glued them through the wire.
It for sure brighten the room and gives more crafting light.

I have plans to paint the bedside tables or replace them for the
right cheap price;-)
And also add some painted open frames behind them.

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