Friday, April 27, 2012

Tx Trip-The Reception-Last Part!!!

Ok folks, this is it. The last part!
 The reception.
The first dance. Unfortunately, I was nursing in the bathroom : /
Father -daughter dance.
Daddy and Kirstin joining in on the father-daughter dance.

Daddy and Kaveri
Daddy and Kylie
Daddy and MiKayla

Everything came and went so fast.
I can't believe its over.
My sister worked her butt off having every little detail be perfect.
And it was!
It was a beautiful day:)
Love you Wendy!


  1. Thank U so much for posting these! I love u so much and I miss u more and more everyday! You are the best sister anyone could ask for. I love u so much misti!

  2. i miss you everyday! can't wait to be laughing with you again. xoxo


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