Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Funky Hair Salon

So I mentioned earlier that we went to a very 
unique hair salon for the wedding.
After getting my hair done I walked around and took some pictures.
 When you walk in you see this "rug" custom painted on the floor.
I met the lady who painted it, she is very talented.
This would be the Living room-which is where they have their front desk set up.
This is the first room-I believe an old dining room.
The owner does hair in here.
 In another room-I really liked their mirrors. They all had character
 vs the standard salon mirrors.
Giant feathers painted on the wall + hot pink chandelier = fun
Framed guitar

old door with shelf
There were TONS of crosses all over the house/salon.
This collection was painted all different colors with cheap acrylic paint from
the craft store. We have a collection of crosses.
Should I paint them? Fun...
 A corner shelf cabinet to hold supplies
built by her hubby out of an old door.
One of my favorites. Some plank wood connected together and stained.
Then a bunch of knobs added to hold the aprons they wrap around your neck.
An armoire the hair dresser picked up on (I think) craigslist ,
she painted it black and turquoise with leopard accents.
On the side she painted a cross and glued stones around it.

I love anything that is crafty and original.
Each hair dresser put a part of themselves in the rooms.
Beats Super Cuts any day of the week:)

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