Monday, April 16, 2012

Kylie is FOUR!

Oh my Kylie Rae,
when did you get so big?
Grow so fast?

All of Kaveri's life, she has followed Kirstin
around doing everything she does.
Saying everything she says,like a game of follow the lead,
but for life.
Now Kylie has that with MiKayla.
She is a good big sister.
Playing with her, hugging her when shes upset,
sharing with her, even carrying her.
(although they aren't to much different in size)
And leading her into mischief on occasion!
Really taken MiKayla under her wing.

The last few months, I have realized
just how much Kylie has grown-up.
But when we cuddle and I look into her brown eyes,
I still see my little baby.

She continues to be our most spunky child.
The most brave.
The most free spirited.

We all love her tons around here!
She is a blessing.

Happy Birthday to my little BIG Kylie!

-party pics coming soon:)

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  1. Here come the tears!! So special. I thank our Lord for every moment I got to spend with Kylie and all yennz while I lived near you. I miss everyone. Thank you Misti for helping all the family and friends stay close through your loving blog!! Great job
    Love nanna and momma to u memee


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