Friday, December 9, 2011

She's Here!

Gramma arrived last night at about 9:00.
All day the girls were asking
"now are we going to pick up mam-ma?"
When she walked up to the car there was
screams of joy.

The whole ride home they were asking her if she would play when we got home.
"Will you play kitchen?"
"Will you be the mom and we be the children?" 
"can we show you our pet shops?"

So we finally got home.
Gramma looked at everybody's everything.
She played a little.
We had some vanilla tea.
Then before you knew it, it was after midnight.

Upstairs we all went to crawl in bed.
Kaveri and Kylie wanted to watch some cartoons so I put them
on and set the timer for 30 minutes.

Well thirty minutes later, footsteps on my stairs.
Kyle: "Can i just watch 10 more minutes of cartoons mom"
Me: "ok Kylie, 10 more then thats it."

apparently the nap-car-ride and the excitement of mam-ma's arrival had her hyped.

I get outta my bed and walk over to the steps.
She pinches my butt
Kylie giggling: "mom you have a wedgie" 

Yes Kylie, I crawled out of my warm bed to walk you down the stairs and turn your
tv on for ten minutes and you get to make fun of my booty eatin' my panties.

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