Friday, December 23, 2011

First night of Christmas Break

Yesterday marked the first night of Kirstin's much needed Christmas break.
We had a celebration DeGraeve style.

First we went on a long walk around the neighborhood looking at lights.
It was cold but no one seemed to mind.
We played a little wii.
We ate chicken and wildrice soup.

Then began the game of draydel.

Heres the rules:
1-everyone starts out with ten chocolate coins
2-you spin your draydel and do what it lands on
-nun= do nothing
-hey= take half the coins
-shin= put two coins in
-gimel= take all the coins
3- anytime any coins are taken out everyone puts one in
4- once all your coins are gone your out

I lost first. Then Derek. Then Kirstin.

Kaveri won! Afterwards, everyone ate one gold coin.
 MiKayla really liked them.

Tonight we are having a re-match.

Then we watched this.
Better than the first one. We loved it!

Before bed we had a kung fu match.

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