Friday, December 16, 2011

A Possible Germaphobe

Someone who is obsessed with cleanliness and avoiding unsanitary surfaces. Tends to engage in excessive hand washing and fears holding or touching objects handled by other parties

I think I might be a slight germaphobe. Not like a full on A.D.D germaphobe. But I definetly do things that others don't take the time to do.

I'll let you decide.

#1- If I am in public and I see a child coughing w/out covering their mouth or having really nasty         snots, I wanna run the other way.(even though sometimes that is my own child)

#2-As soon as Kirstin returns home from school the rule is to wash her hands immediately.

#3-When in a public bathroom I always flush the toilet with my foot. I have passed this down to my children. I also try to never touch the door handle. yuck!

#4-In my perfect world, anyone cooking my food in public would wear a mouth mask, hair net, and gloves. And a note to my waitress, please don't let your thumb touch my food when you bring it to the table.

#5-I'd rather not shake hands.

#6- Last time I had to take MiKayla to the E.R. I asked the lady taking her vitals if they have ever treated people for bedbugs. She said "all the time, bedbugs and scabies"
(if you know me, you know bedbugs is one of my top fears/anixieties)
My skin was crawling and I wanted to run away screaming. But instead, as soon as we got home, I stripped us both, put our clothes in the wash on hot, took a shower, and lysoled my purse. I have also decided to never take my purse in again.

#7- I do not like to share drinks. The thought of your spit getting in my cup and then me drinking it. blah!
I also do not like to share food. I know its weird but I just don't like it. Except for Derek, I mean we do kiss (with our tongues) so we have the same germs. And I will make exceptions for my kids on occation.

#8- I do not like to share wash clothes or towels. I do not want you washing your goodies with the same cloth I was my goodies, and that goes for drying off. This time it doesn't apply to Derek or the girls.I know they are clean when they get out of the shower, I bathe them. However, this does apply to me visiting you or you visting me. I promise to provide you with clean towels and wash cloths if you visit;)

#9- You know those desinefectant wipes at the grocery store? I do not just use them on the handle you push the basket with. I wipe just about the whole cart off.

#10- As soon as we get in the car after a visit to the store, I pass around hand sanitzer.

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