Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer Wrap Up

The last month of summer:

-got home from beach
-dad visited from tx. he took the girls everywhere and anywhere. celebrated his birthday. he graciously treated our family to alot of fun stuff!

-mom,jeff, and william moved back to tx.SAD! she told me it was so hot that she actually thought her cold water wasn't working. but nope, it was just that hot. one of the hottest tx summers to date!

-Kirstin took a trip to tx to visit all the family. she had a ton of fun bouncing around from house to house and came back super tan.

- gramma donna visited. kylie kept calling her mamma. we had tons of fun. everyone wanted to get in her suitcase to go back home with her.

-and during all that stuff, we had some trips to the zoo, a waterpark a few times, the dancing water fountain, a couple of hunts for batman- yes, pittsburgh is so cool that the whole month of august they were filming the new batman movie, gardening, and lots of lots of pictures.
(which i dont have time to add right now. sry.)

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