Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Kid Conversations

Kaveri- "mom why do some peoples eyes go like this"  
        imagine her making chinese eyes like you did as a kid
Me- "that's how God made them"
Kaveri- " I hate that. Its freakin' me out!"

Kirstin- "it's so hot. I'm going to stand in my shadow so i can get some shade"
        and she was totally serious!

Me- "goodnight girls, love you"
Kylie-" you. don't let bugs in your bed bite you"
Me- going upstairs with the thought of bugs biting me in my bed. great.

Kaveri- "you and daddy do xyz in bed"
Me- "WHAT!" (laughing)
Kaveri- blushing. " you know xyz"
Me- "who said that"
Kaveri- "i dunno"
we still dunno where she got that from.......

Kylie is always getting into drawers. getting stuff out and putting them in her purse. Anytime something is missing i ask her first.
One day i come up the stairs and what do i see on the step? A gold wrapper, you know those wrappers that are in your bed side table for nighttime activities.
Me: "Kylie where are you"
walking around looking for her. found another gold wrapper.
still searching for her. find her behind her bedroom door.
Kylie:"Look mommy balloons" one on each hand/arm
Me: laughing.... "Derek come look at your daughter"
Derek: without really thinking her blurts out "Kylie those are for daddy's peepee"
Me:still laughing "Derek !"

We have a little talk about how she is to not get into our drawers and play with the gold wrapper balloons.
Now a few days later Derek is in the bathroom about to pee.
Kylie: "wait daddy"
running away and coming back with a 'balloon'
Me: " Kylie Rae where did you get that"
running away again and coming back with a purse with 3 more opened 'balloons'
Kylie:"don't worry mommy i didn't get in your draw again, this is from last time"
I then realize that she has literally opened half a box of special balloons and we need a new hiding place.

So I often tell the girls things like "your so sweet i wanna take a bite of you." Or i will hug them and say "i love you so much i just wanna eat you" . Then  i will do a move called 'corn on the cob', where i play bite their arm like i were eating corn really fast.
set up: kaveri and kylie are talking/giggling on the couch.
Kaveri- "Kylie your so funny i wanna eat your face"
Kylie- laughing historically

This morning while helping Kirstin get ready for school:
Kirstin- Since i lost my tooth i can't say int-r-sting right
(about 3 days ago)
me- you mean interesting?
us laughing
then she asked for help pulling her sock up,
so i yanked it up!
Kirstin- "great mom you gave me rug burn with my sock!"

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