Thursday, September 8, 2011

4th Grade Here We Come!

Its official, Kirstin is in the fourth grade.

When she was assigned her teacher, all of Kirstin's friends were calling the house saying she had the meanest hardest teacher and that she better switch.
We met her teacher. Her name is Mrs. Shumaker.
First thing she said " i bet you've heard rumors that i'm hard and mean.......they are true"
LOL....Mine and Kirstin's mouth dropped open.
She is extremely organized. She has high expectations. And she said there is little room for non-sense. She does not tolerate bullying.
 She said "i hope you don't like cookie-cutter teachers that stick to the curriculum b/c i don't do that. i teach them what they need to know and then i take it a step further so they will be ready for 5th,6th, and 7th grade"
That being said, we do better with organization. We have had both kinds of teachers and the organized ones are best for us. Kirstin seems to really like her. She will have her own macbook to use through-out the year.She is at  the hardest reading level. She has two days of music/band. Two days of P.E. And one day of art where she will actually make some pottery pieces.

First day of school went like this:
-Woke up, got dressed
-Packed her lunch
-Made her breakfast
(yes, it's ramon noodles. she requested them)
-Did a miniature bible devotional

-Head out the door

-Got to school
-Walked her into her class room

I wanted to take her picture sitting at her desk.
She did not like that and was embarrassed.
"no mom, no, please go "

little boy sitting next to her "do you think your the only one who gets embarrassed by there mom taking pictures"

little boy next to him " yeah , my mom loves to take pictures, especially on the first day of school"

This is what i got .
Now imagine steam coming from her ears:
"love you, bye mom, bye,bye,bye"

Me: "love you. see you after school"
a little tear, looking back multiple times to make sure she isn't crying for me....

a mom can dream!

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  1. Misti everytime I read your posts, I get teary eyed. I love your writing style. The making sure she isn't crying for me, Wow made me laugh and cry at the same time. mom


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