Thursday, July 21, 2011

what up!

So we have been super busy around here.
Our garden is growing rapidly and we can't stop giving away veggies:)

MiKayla got hands,foot, and mouth disease.
Its a horrible little virus that causes sores on your hands,feet, and mouth....hence the name.
She did not eat for about 5 days due to horrible ulcers in her mouth that bled everyday:(
Plus she had extremely high fever so she was nice and cranky.
There is no antibiotic so it just runs its course. she is feeling much better now but she is still sporting a little sore on her face. boo!

Our friend from the army- Tyler came to visit.
Derek and Tyler have been friends for lots of years and we love to see him.
If you dont know, he was the best man at our wedding.

ok, so i posted a pic of Derek with another guy by accident. Tyler reminded me that he and Derek had ankle/foot surgery right before the wedding and were both on crutches.
(notice each of them wearing a black slipper)
MY BAD ;-)

He stayed a few nights and he brought his girlfriend Kitty.
And oh how the girls loved Kitty.

The girls all heart Tyler big time. Kylie kept telling me in "secret" she wanted to kiss him.
I also forgot that he left this little pic on my computer-
Love It!!!
Sorry Ladies he's taken
So while they were here we went an awesome concert.

He was awesome. Sounded amazing live!
It was so much fun. The best adult time ever :)

Unfortunately, Derek had started feeling sick the day before and by the end of the night he was much worse. They went home and i sent him to the E.R. (it was Sunday)
He came home diagnosed with strep throat.
After giving him his medicine he ended up violently puking for the next two days.
I finally took him back to the E.R. and after x-rays, an IV, a shot in the booty......
we found out that he had a bad reaction to the original medicine causing ulcers in his stomach.
So now he is on four medications and still very sick but on the uprise.

I am taking the girls outside to swim. As it is super hot.
Anything top keep the girls outta daddy's hair.

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