Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy Day

Dad's are a very important part of the family.
In my house "the Dad" is the spiritual leader, a rock, a provider, a comforter,
and he holds the foundation of our family.
He is pretty important around here!

Us girls are crazy in love with this daddy.

Now i would like to also wish some other important men in our lives a Happy Father's Day!

 My dad and me the day i was born.

My dad, mom, and myself the day my sister was born
(at home!)
Me and my sister love and miss him daily.
We do however have comfort that he is with his eternal father now.

Also my dad:) Can't wait to see him in august!

Our Grampy. Love and miss him.
Wish we were all hangin' by the pool with him.
It was also just his birthday so
Happy Birthday!

Our Uncle Mike and Uncle Brett. Love these guys.

Papa Jeff and Jaylynne
(he just beat us all in putt-putt on Friday....g-rrrrrrr)

Most of these wonderful men don't live near us and we miss them all terribly:(
They are all great dad's and today belongs to them all!
Hope they get lots of hugs and kisses,
I know Derek sure will!

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  1. Misti you spread JOY with this blog and I am blessed everythime I read it:~)

    Love yall,


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